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Source Control Explorer “Object reference not set to an instance of an object”

As a programmer, seeing the error message “Object reference not set to an instance of an object” is pretty common and pretty annoying.  What’s even more annoying is when you get that error when simply trying to get the latest source code from your Team Foundation Server within Visual Studio, as shown below.

Source Control Explorer Error

At least in my case, this error resulted from the primary hard drive on the TFS server being completely full.   TFS 2015 recommends at least 50 GB of free space be available on the drive where TFS is installed.

Microsoft TFS ActivityLog.AgentScope.xml Error

Over the last weekend, our TFS 2013 server decided to stop building projects for no apparent reason.   No one had changed any software on the TFS or build controller servers and the only evidence of a problem was the following message in the “Diagnostics” log file for each build:TFS Error MessageAfter spending hours searching for solutions to this problem and finding nothing, I finally figured-out the cause of the issue.   The primary hard drive on the TFS server (not the build agent) was completely full.   After sending a request to our infrastructure team to add more storage to the primary hard drive on the virtual server that hosts our TFS implementation, the builds started working again.

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